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3rd movement
This concerto for cello and orchestra is one of Offenbach's concertante masterpieces. After extensive research it is at last possible to publish this major work in its entirety (duration about 45 minutes). Unlike previous, more or less arbitrary editions, the music and instrumentation are completely authentic.
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Carnival revue in 2 acts and 9 scenes - 6th scene: Symphony of the future - March of the fiancés
This symphonic work, preceded by a highly amusing scene between Mozart, Grétry, Gluck, Weber and the 'composer of the future', is a delightful parody of Wagnerian modernism. Beginning with a succession of comical dissonances, an immensely danceable motif is developed from the Quadrille des Lanciers (very popular in contemporary France). This piece led to open war between Offenbach and the composer of Tannhäuser.
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Operetta in one act - No.3: Bacolo's Aria
Until recently, it seemed virtually impossible to publish the original version of this work, as the orchestra parts by Editions Grus have been lost. Fortunately, we were granted access to the autograph of the score, which is in possession of Monsieur Jacques Bourdon Comle Offenbach. Thanks to additional sources from Vienna, we are at last able to present a complete edition of all three versions (Bad Ems, Paris, Vienna). Our edition will be premiered at the 0péra National de Lyon in October 2001.
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[The Rhine-Nixies]
Grand romantic opera in 3 acts - No.1: Introduction
Musicologists have long had the idea of giving due attention to Offenbach's only through-composed, unpublished opera. We have managed to collect the parts of the autograph and relevant copies from around the world and are thus able to present the first complete edition of the Rhein-Nixen - the Viennese three-act version as well as the large-scale French four-act version Offenbach originally intended. Our edition comprises the German text, translated by von Wolzogen, as well as the original French libretto by Nuitter, most of which Offenbach set to music directly. Offenbach was very fond of this work and he used parts in later operas such as Fantasid and Les Contes dHoffmann.
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No.7a: Scene
Piano-vocal score
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Opéra-bouffe in 3 acts - No.14: Couplets (Paris' Berceuse)
These unpublished pages belong to a great number of pieces which Offenbach did not use in the first performance. Thanks to the cooperation of the British Library, Ricordi and Monsieur Jacques Bourdon Comte Offenbach, we are today able to present the unpublished music from this masterpiece, including this Berceuse, in its entirety.
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0péra-bouffe in 5 acts - 3rd act: Finale (excerpt)
Offenbach himself provided more than one valid version of many works, as in this case. For the famous revival at the Théâtre des Variétés, he decided to add several new numbers including an ariette for his favourite tenor José Dupuis (in the role of Baron de Gondremarck). Our new edition (premiered at the Royal Opera Stockholm in March 2001) encompasses numerous unpublished numbers which are of great musical and dramaturgical interest.
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Opéra-bouffe in 3 acts and 4 scenes - 2nd act: Couplets of the quill
Offenbach made important changes to this 0péra-bouffe during the last stages of rehearsal. One of the most important was the deletion of the grand finale in Act 2 (more than 15 minutes of music). After finding the complete autograph of the score and performance material printed by Heugel in 1867, we are able to present a comprehensive edition of this work comprising all three different versions (original version, Parisian and Viennese versions).
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Opéra-bouffe in 3 acts and 4 scenes - 2nd act: Jewel Duet
This is another work which went through different stages of development before final publication (1874). Sadly, the Jewel Duet (sung by Périchole and Don Andres) was cut due to dramaturgical reasons following the first performance, It is an admirably well constructed masterpiece, in which the composer even parodies himself. In the course of our research, we discovered several numbers specially composed for various Viennese revivals including a wonderful waltz-aria for Marie Geistinger. Thanks to various sources (autograph, copies, revised libretti, original orchestra parts), we were able to reconstruct six different authentic versions of La Périchole. Our new edition was first performed at the Oper Basel in November 2000.
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0péra-comique in 3 acts - 1st act - No.2: Ballad to the moon
Why is a chef-d'œuvre such as Fantasio even today denied the success it deserves? Once again, this is largely due to the fact that no reliable edition exists. Editors preferred to compile hybrid arrangements instead of seriously devoting themselves to an opera representing a pinnacle in Offenbach's work. The apparent reluctance to examine the primary sources was probably exacerbated by the fact that they were scattered all over the world. Today, they are available to us and we are thus able to present the very different Parisian and Viennese versions in their entirety.
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Offenbach composed this waltz for cornet & pistons and orchestra during his stay in America (where it was known as American Eagle Waltz). Throughout his whole career, Offenbach wrote waltzes, polkas and other dance music, most of which remain unpublished. We will be able to present a number of these in the three OEK volumes devoted to Offenbach's symphonic works.
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Opéra-bouffe in 2 acts- No.3a: Melodrama
Page of the full score, showing the typical design of the OEK, with critical-practical details: libretto cues; indications of original transpositions; alternative versions from other sources; remarks of the editor (in three languages).
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No.12: Fly Duet
Page of the piano-vocal score, showing the typical design of the OEK, with libretto cues and lyrics in two languages.
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Finale (excerpt)
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Album for piano
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Monsieur Choufleuri restera chez lui
Piano-vocal score (French)
88pp, paperback


Introduction, Prière et Boléro
Camille Thomas, cello / Orchestre National de Lille / Alexandre Bloch
DG 47975205